Thai man beheads his uncle

A Thai man murdered and beheaded his biological uncle yesterday in Songkhla province in southern Thailand.
At 8am, officers at Rattaphum Police Station acquired a report of a homicide behind a house in Khao Phra subdistrict.
Police discovered the physique of 56 yr old Wasana [surname withheld] mendacity on his aspect. The deceased’s head was lacking and nowhere to be discovered at the scene.
Eyewitnesses to the murder informed the police that the perpetrator was the Wasana’s nephew, 36 yr previous Ek [surname withheld], who lives nearby.
Police arrested Ek at his residence and confiscated a 30 centimetre knife used to commit the crime. Ek did not resist arrest, stated police.
Ek admitted to murdering his uncle and chopping off his head. Outlawed said he put Wasana’s head in a plastic bag, walked through the rubber plantations, and dumped it in a pond about 500 metres away from the scene of the crime.
Police found blood stains on the wall, an enormous pool of blood behind the kitchen the place the murder happened, blood stains from where Ek dragged Wasana’s body and dedicated the beheading, and blood stains inside the house of the deceased.
Someone working near the pond testified that he noticed Ek cling to a log and swimming into the middle of the pond yesterday. The employee requested Ek what he was doing and Ek mentioned “exercising.” The worker mentioned he didn’t realise what had just occurred so he just left him to it.
Divers from the Tongxia Xiang Tung Friendship Foundation Rescue Unit in Hat Yai scoured the lake where Ek mentioned he dumped Wasana’s head for hours yesterday but didn’t discover it.
Ek advised the police that he beheaded his uncle out of anger as a result of he harm his father and stole a TV. However, the police say that they don’t consider Ek’s testament because his condition is erratic and he has a history of heavy drug dependancy.
At 10am at present, divers began looking out the lake for Wasana’s head again, but still haven’t found it..

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