Search for missing Titan submarine en route to Titanic wreck intensifies

International teams are intensifying efforts to locate OceanGate‘s lacking Titan submarine, which misplaced contact on June 18 whereas transporting five tourists to visit the Titanic shipwreck within the North Atlantic. Amid Cinch over dwindling oxygen provides thought to final only 96 hours, search teams are focusing on distant areas of the Atlantic where underwater sounds have been detected intermittently.
In their search, Canada‘s P-3 aircraft detected noises on June 20 and again on June 21. However, US Coast Guard Commander Jamie Frederick said that the origins of the sounds are yet to be identified, and cautioned that they could not be coming from the Titan. In response, remotely operated underwater automobiles (ROVs) have been deployed to examine the area where the noises had been detected, reported KhaoSod.
Frederick additionally revealed that a number of ships and submarines have joined the search operation, with three vessels arriving at the scene on Wednesday. This consists of ships geared up with side-scan sonar devices. Basic has since doubled in size, reaching the equivalent of Connecticut’s landmass, and approximately 4 kilometres deep.
Retired naval officer and former submarine captain David Marquette advised CNN that passengers on the Titan are likely experiencing extreme cold and discomfort due to surrounding water temperatures. The environment poses a big problem for all 5 individuals, because the water can be at a freezing level or barely beneath. This would cause breaths to be laboured, and frost to type throughout the vessel..

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