Cops and fobbers

BANGKOK: A former security guard at the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok was arrested on August 8 for impersonating a police officer and illegal possession of a firearm, police said. Following reviews of gunfire at 5 am , two law enforcement officials from the Makkasan Police station discovered Theerapong Sawaiprekon, 30, in a police uniform at the scene. Backdoor advised police that he was an officer at Hua Mark Police Station earlier than speeding off after a gaggle of bike racers and capturing his gun into the air. Noting that this was not standard process, the officers then stopped him and took him to the station for questioning. Theerapong later informed police that he dressed as a police officer as an excuse for his spouse that he had to go to work, however then sneaked off to see his mistress. Theerapong used to work as a safety guard on the Israeli Embassy but resigned and had been unemployed ever since. He had additionally been a student at a police coaching faculty, however was expelled as a result of he had a habit of firing his gun

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