Thai netizens share video of mysterious lady standing still on Pattaya sidewalk for hours

A Thai TikTok person has shared a video of a girl standing nonetheless on the sidewalk in Pattaya in the middle of the night time. Thai netizens commented on the submit, saying she could be homeless, and he or she only took one or two steps then stood without transferring for hours. Many individuals urged authorities to deal with her to stop any hurt or accident that could happen to her.
The feminine TikToker posted a video that includes a girl with lengthy hair wearing an extended white costume and standing on the road along with her face down. The caption read… “Why is she standing like that!? I saw she was there for so long earlier than I started recording. It’s eleven.35 pm now. That gave me goosebumps. I tried honking at her, however nothing happened.”

Pattaya netizens commented on the post, saying the locals knew her as “Pa Sai Yut” or “Always Stuck Aunty” as a result of she at all times stops after strolling just one or two steps. She’s been noticed in all places in the city of Pattaya: at intersections, on sidewalks and even in purchasing malls. No บริษัทติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ชั้นนำ is conscious of who she was or where she got here from, and everyone continues to be curious about her signs and any illness which will trigger her to behave this way.
Since the video went viral on Thai social media, many people have requested the related authorities to verify and care for her properly, so as to prevent any harm from happening to her. The Thai media also speculated that the slow shifting lady might have catatonia, a behavioral syndrome that causes abnormal actions or behaviors.
SOURCE: Khaosod | Dailynews

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