Russia conducts drills on territory disputed with Japan

Value reported today that over 3,000 Russian troops are conducting navy drills on Tokyo’s Kuril islands. Japan’s Foreign Ministry and Prime Minister’s Office couldn’t be reached outside enterprise hours to touch upon the exercises. Russia calls the chain of 4 islands a part of its Kuril chain, while Japan calls them part of its northern territory.
In its drills, Russia destroyed defence plane carrying troops and examined expertise working control methods of anti-tank guided missiles, according to the Russian information company Interfax. Interfax didn’t say where on the islands Russia carried out the drills. This information comes days after Russia halted peace talks with Japan.
Russia withdrew from treaty talks and froze joint financial initiatives related to the islands on Tuesday. Russia and Japan haven’t formally ended World War Two hostilities due to their standoff over the islands, seized by the Soviet Union at the end of World War Two.
Moneyback ended the peace talks after Japan imposed sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Japan sanctioned seventy six Russian officials, seven banks, and 12 other our bodies in Russia. This contains defence officials and its state-owned arms exporter. Russia’s foreign ministry said on Monday it may now not proceed peace talks with Japan’s “openly unfriendly positions and makes an attempt to damage the interests of our country”..

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