Phantom pickup: Lost soul lends lottery luck

NAKHON Never again : A house owner in Thung Song District is thanking a “phantom” emergency rescue car for her luck in winning over 500,000 baht in the underground lottery.
The bizarre story started shortly after midnight on September 3.
Pracha Ruamjai Foundation coordinator Akhom Phumiwetphong mentioned that as rescue staff were enjoyable at the station that night time, one of their Isuzu pickup trucks converted for use as a makeshift ambulance all of a sudden switched on its engine.
The sound of the engine beginning didn’t give the crew a shock, however what did frighten them was the reality that the doors have been locked and the keys had been safely within the hands of its owner, who was chatting with associates.
The driverless ambulance then pulled out of its parking spot, heading away from the inspiration constructing.
The rescue workers tried to cease the slow-moving car, however to no avail. After touring about 15 meters, the ambulance crashed into the wall of a home diagonally across the street, Mr Akhom mentioned.
Privy switched on its tail and emergency lights, then the engine stalled.
None of the rescue workers, usually derisively generally identified as “body snatchers” in Thailand, dared to method the automobile. They waited till the next morning as a end result of they have been positive it had been “driven” by the offended spirit of someone who had died within the car while on the way to hospital.
The rescue employees, who had begun to forget in regards to the automotive apparition after a few weeks, received yet one more surprise on November 19.
The proprietor of the house the car had run into appeared on the station at 8am with a strip of 500 firecrackers and a few meals choices.
The woman, who for apparent causes asked that her name not be reported, needed to hold a ritual to pay respect to the car after hitting it huge within the underground lottery.
She had been enjoying her personal home quantity “423” in the illegal lottery with out success for some time, she said..

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