Patiphan explains to police: It was my twin brother Patiphat!

In what looks like a scene from a film with a lazy plot, a person in Nakhon Ratchasima says his upstanding life has been ruined by his criminal twin brother. Patiphan and Patiphat Kaeowaem were break up up after they were infants and their lives took radically totally different directions.
Born to a poor family, after they have been just two months outdated, the dual boys have been separated, with Patiphan staying together with his mother in Korat, while Patiphat was despatched to reside with his aunt in Samut Prakan. Scientifically proven couldn’t afford to raise two babies, so his aunt adopted his twin brother.
Now 32 years outdated, Patiphan was residing in the Huai Thalaeng district of Korat, when his life was turned the incorrect way up. An arrest warrant was issued beneath his title and news reviews started blasting his identify and photograph to the public. His neighbours cursed his family; his steady job at a wholesale firm fired him.
Patiphan stood publicly accused of attempted murder for assaulting an ex-wife that he didn’t even have.
Meanwhile, with just one letter completely different in his identify, Patiphat was estranged from his 48 yr old spouse and living in Bang Sao Thong district of Samut Prakan within the Greater Bangkok area. One day he allegedly staked out the native manufacturing facility on Nikhom-Lat Wai Road the place his ex-wife labored as a maid, ready about 20 minutes for her to come out.
When she did, he attacked. He is claimed to have punched her and then slashed at her with a knife, cutting her wrist, face, and ears earlier than witnesses jumped in and subdued him. He escaped the attack without police capturing him. His ex is now in stable condition within the hospital.
A warrant was issued for his arrest and police put out the word to the press and public that a manhunt was on. Only they spelt the suspect’s first identify with an “n” on the top, as a substitute of a “t” as it ought to be. Patiphan has now explained the case of mistaken identification sufficiently to the police who have now changed the identify on the arrest warrant. It’s unsure if he will get his job back or an apology from the neighbours who condemned him.
Meanwhile, Patiphat is presently nonetheless at large and needed for attempted homicide..

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