Lungtoo, A PM Prayut-themed Thai meme crypto, debuts

For these seeking to get into the cryptocurrency craze within the shadiest way attainable whereas also offending the Thai government, the perfect choice now exists. Say hello to Lungtoo, the latest meme crypto be making its method by way of the Thai blockchain group. The title is pronounced just like the Thai translation of Uncle Tuu, the affectionate nickname given to PM Prayut Chan-o-cha by his supporters. The cryptocurrency was launched on Monday, perhaps as a response to Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live appearance during which Dogecoin, the crypto he has supported, plummeted.
The website for Lungtoo options artwork from nameless political cartoonist Kai Maew who claimed he had no involvement and had not given permission for his artwork to be used. The web site is focusing on Thai youth that have been protesting Thailand’s current government and the digital currency claims to be donating income to Siriraj and Phramongkutklao hospitals. The crypto was created fully anonymously and the net site was offline right now.
Much of the cryptocurrency and its website seems to have used the Binance Smart Chain service the launch a knockoff of one other cryptocurrency, Dogemoon. Protected and all associated info and press releases appear to be cobbled together from Dogemoon’s website and other crypto sources. The Lungtoo web site was registered anonymously nevertheless it was confirmed to be set up in Victoria, Australia.
939 crypto traders had bought the original Lungtoo cash earlier than a red-flag-raising back-end switch changed the contract account the place the coins originated. 40 folks have purchased the new cash and the crypto creators introduced later that individuals may trade outdated coins for brand new coins. They claimed the accounts have been switched as a outcome of their authentic didn’t meet the regulations for some crypto exchange platforms..

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