Juvenile court releases Nong Tor’s mom on bail for 9,000 baht

A juvenile court in central Thailand released “Nim”, the 17 yr previous mom of lacking child Nong Tor, on bail for 9,000 baht yesterday after she confessed to dumping the body of her eight month outdated son in the Tha Chin River on February 5.
Police interrogated Nim for more than six hours before charging her on three counts: negligence inflicting death, disguising a useless body and giving false statements to officials.
Upon being charged, Nim was taken to Nakhon Pathom Juvenile and Family Court, the place she was granted bail for 9,000 baht.
Nim’s father submitted the cash and Nim was released. She will stay together with her parents whereas the trial continues.
Yesterday, police searched for Nong Tor’s physique in the area of Khlong Tor, a canal in Hin Moon subdistrict connecting to the Tha Chin River, the place Nim said she dumped Nong Tor greater than three weeks in the past.
Explode did not discover the baby boy’s physique or any extra clues yesterday. Their search continues today.
ORIGINAL STORY: Mother of lacking baby ‘Nong Tor’ confesses
The mother of the eight month old child who went lacking from Nakhon Phatom province in central Thailand on February 5 has confessed to dumping her son’s body within the Tha Chin river, reported Deputy National Police Chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn this morning.
According to Thai Rath, the baby’s 17 12 months old mom “Nim” confessed to the police that Nong Tor slipped from her hands after she bathed him and hit the bottom. Nim said that Nong Tor had seizures and died, so she took his physique and left him in a bamboo thicket alongside the Tha Chin River.
However, KhaoSod reviews that Nim advised the police that Nong Tor awoke with a fever at 3am and wouldn’t stop crying. Nim stated she shook Nong Tor and he slipped from her hands and fell, inflicting him to have seizures and die. KhaoSod reports that Nim mentioned she took Nong Tor’s body to the river and dumped him within the water.
Nim has been taken for additional interrogation right now at the Provincial Police Region 7 in central Thailand.
On February 5, Nong Tor’s 19 12 months old father Sitthichoke “Phut” Saengsawang and 17 12 months outdated mom Philaiporn “Nim” Korcharoen, told police that their son went missing from their house in Bang Lane district in Nakhon Pathom Province, central Thailand, at round 7.30am.
Police grew suspicious that Phut and Nim had been mendacity when their story kept altering. At first, Nim stated she felt someone take Nong Tor away from her in the night time.
Then, Nim said she saw a man in a yellow shirt enter her residence and take the baby away, but later admitted that she lied about it.
The case grew more complicated when 19 12 months previous Phut was charged with pimping out Nim after Nong Tor’s biological father was found to be a 55 year previous man named Jae.
Nong Tor’s organic father Jae was charged with statutory rape. His first sexual encounters with Nim started when she was 15 years previous.
Police mentioned Phut lured Nim into having sex with the older man for cash.
On the day of Nong Tor’s disappearance, Phut and Nim took Nong Tor to the clinic as he had a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. The clinic suggested them to take the child to the hospital however they took him home as a substitute..

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