Heartbroken man uncovered as thief and drug addict

The story of the heartbroken Thai man has taken a shocking flip. Wacky was not the heartbroken man he introduced, but allegedly a drug addict and a thief wished by the police.
The misfortune of forty four year outdated Panuwat Yuebua went viral on Thai social media. Many Thai netizens expressed their sympathy after learning that Panuwat’s employer did not pay his salary, and his spouse left him for his friend.
A fifty five yr old man, Anuthep Jeantoom, advised a unique aspect of the story throughout an interview with Channel 7 right now. He stated that Panuwat was not as distressed as he pretended to be. In reality, his true name is Thaworn, and he’s an alleged drug addict who had lately managed to evade arrest in the western province of Phetchaburi.
Elusive revealed that Thaworn’s sidecar motorbike caught fire whereas passing by his house in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima. He and his members of the family rushed to assist Thaworn extinguish the flames and supplied him lodging at their home for two nights.
To ensure the security of his family, he requested to see Thaworn’s identification card. Thaworn refused to present it causing him to turn out to be suspicious.
Finally, Thaworn reluctantly offered his ID card, which bore his actual title. Anuthep then performed a web-based search on Thaworn’s background and discovered that an arrest warrant was out for his arrest by Cha-am Police Station in Phetchaburi. Moreover, multiple victims had filed theft complaints towards him.
After studying the hidden info, Anuthep secretly reported the difficulty to the police who rushed to his house and arrested Thaworn. According to Authep, Thaworn also tested positive for drugs.
Thaworn insisted that his wife had certainly abandoned him. He admitted that he stole assets from his employer claiming that he had to do because the employer didn’t pay him. He additionally confessed that he used medicine, nevertheless it was two weeks ago.
Thaworn was taken to the Cha-am Police Station to process the prosecution on the theft case and to satisfy together with his former employer. Thaworn acknowledged that he felt guilty for what he had carried out and was willing to be prosecuted.
ORIGINAL STORY: Heartbroken man travels 400km home after boss robs salary, wife runs off with pal
A Thai native was hailed for supporting a heartbroken man who travelled 400 kilometres again to his hometown with his two canine on a motorbike with a sidecar after he was cheated out of his wages by an employer and cheated by his spouse and good friend who ran off collectively.
The forty three yr previous Thai man, Ekkaphan Buapaijit, revealed on Facebook on Wednesday, May 17 that he gave food and money to the down-on-his-luck man, forty four year outdated Panuwat Yuebua.
Ekkapan added that Panuwat went to his restaurant to ask for food. After learning about Panuwat’s troublesome life, he decided to give Panuwat both meals and cash to continue the journey.
Panuwat was in a black Suzuki sidecar motorcycle with no registration plate. His sidecar was filled with building instruments, and his two black dogs.
Panuwat later gave an interview with the Thai media saying he was working as a sub-contractor on a housing development venture in Pattaya along with his wife and a good friend. He worked on the venture for over a year, but his employer cheated him out of his wages.
Panuwat revealed that his pickup truck was repossessed by a finance company every week in the past due to non-payment of instalments. Moreover, his wife had a secret affair together with his pal and ran off together leaving him a farewell observe a couple of days ago.
Panuwat disclosed that he and his wife had two daughters collectively. The youngest is thirteen years old and the oldest is 17 years outdated.
Panuwat discovered himself without any cash in his pocket and decided to pack his belongings and remaining development instruments onto the motorbike to journey back to his hometown in Buriram within the northeastern province of Thailand which is about 400 kilometres away from Pattaya. Panuwat said…
“I was heartbroken and couldn’t convey myself to talk or even think about my spouse and her lover. I let the two of them go in peace, hoping they’ll discover happiness collectively. Then I made up my thoughts to return to my hometown with my dogs”
Panuwat began his journey from Pattaya on Monday, May 15, and sought shelter in temples alongside the greatest way, receiving food and kindness from monks and locals. Some folks provided him with a hundred to 200 baht for gas. He stated that it will take two extra days to finish his journey..

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