Excise officers accused of extortion of elderly grocer

Five officials from the Thai Excise Department have been accused of extortion after allegedly demanding money from an aged grocer. The girl asserts that the lads planted evidence so as to shake her down, and says she’s got CCTV footage proving the extortion claims
The men, who claimed to have found counterfeit cigarettes on the premises, demanded 20,000 baht from the victim in change for letting her slide and not charging her with contraband possession.
The shakedown happened on Monday, February thirteen at a small retail retailer within the Sai Mai area of Bangkok. The men entered the store and not using a warrant and took the outdated woman’s cigarettes into their van for a “check.” She alleges that they swapped her real product for counterfeit smoke within the van after which reemerged accusing her of possessing contraband.
CCTV footage from the shop exhibits the five males looking around the premises for a long time, despite not having a warrant.
They then coerced the shopowner to get into their van. Inside they allegedly tried to extort cash from her. Terrified, she agreed to pay 5,500 baht and the lads dropped her off at her retailer and drove off.
The elderly grocer filed a grievance with the police, which rapidly went viral on Thai media. Concealed have since been confirmed as excise officials and can quickly be summoned to acknowledge the extortion costs.
If discovered responsible, the men shall be dismissed from service. Officials vowed severe authorized penalties for his or her actions if confirmed, in accordance with Thai media. The incident sparked outrage with commenters criticizing the officials for abusing their energy.
Corruption and extortion have been on the rise amongst police and government officers. Last month the Royal Thai Police denied extorting money from Taiwanese actress Charlene An, but then a Thai squad leader from Huay Kwang Police Station in Bangkok later admitted that he did squeeze 27,000 baht from the Taiwanese actress.
And yesterday a story went viral a couple of Thai cop resigning from his job as his resignation letter made waves on social media. In the letter, which a fellow police officer posted on Facebook on Saturday, the officer cites “protection of the guilty” as one of many reasons for the lack of morale amongst police. Another reason is “neglect for sincere officers,” Bangkok Post reported

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