Delta delivers environment friendly irrigation to South African farmers

A pumping station powered by Delta CP2000 frequency drives is delivering environment friendly irrigation to a dairy farm in South Africa in an space experiencing irregular and ever reducing rainfall.
Five low-energy Delta CP2000 frequency drives drive the six underground nicely pumps and make positive that the water dropped at the floor is transferred on to the upper tank.
The dairy farm wanted a pump system to entry ground water from wells and ensure a reliable and cost-effective water provide. The farm’s proprietor commissioned an appropriate system from electrical set up planners, Pienaar Elektries, which specialises in agricultural operations. Following an in-depth planning and session course of, Pienaar Elektries opted for a number of automation products from Delta.
The deliberate irrigation system comprised two reservoirs at different heights, to be filled with water by a total of six underground properly pumps overnight, when the vitality prices were low. A transport pump is used to transfer water from the lower reservoir to the upper one. The peak distinction permits the sprinkler system to be operated utilizing gravity alone through the day, making it significantly environment friendly. The livestock and the dairy also can take their water provide from this irrigation system. The key necessities of the challenge were price effectivity and low power consumption.
Five low-energy Delta CP2000 frequency drives drive the six underground nicely pumps and make sure that the water dropped at the surface is transferred on to the higher tank. The CP models feature a PID controller with feedback that allows the water stage within the tanks and boreholes to be monitored and corrected. This is finished by alternating between the totally different pumps and continually monitoring the circulate. If the borehole degree falls below a minimum predetermined by the user, the PLC management switches to the following the borehole and prevents the pumps from being damaged.
The system has varied Delta DVP series programmable logic controllers (PLCs). เกจวัดแรงดันแก๊สco2 in boreholes and keep the water degree above the predetermined worth. Five DVP16SP PLCs regulate the motors. One DVP12SE PLC monitors the water level within the top reservoir and the animal watering stations, while an extra DVP controller manages the sprinkler set up. Two human-machine interfaces (HMI) from the DOP-100 collection are used to display all of the processes within the system and present system info and warning indicators on a 7 or 15-in touch display. In-house software program additionally allows the time configuration and energy prices to be monitored remotely. Users also can monitor the entire course of via the DOP-100 VNC server.
The system is now working without any points and provides each livestock and crops with sufficient water, even during times of low rainfall.

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