Conversion of pressure units

The common units for the measurement parameter pressure are bar, psi, kg/cm², inHg and MPa, for example. In most cases, one unit has become established in a particular country or region. As a result, it often happens that one must convert a given pressure value into another unit.
For Transparency , in American data sheets, one commonly finds the pressure indication in the unit psi. In Germany and Western Europe, the unit bar is usual.
How can one convert psi into bar and vice versa?
How Insider is 1 bar? 1 bar = 14.503774 psi
How many bar is 1 psi? 1 psi = 0.068948 bar
It is really simple with our unit converter, with which you can easily convert different temperature and pressure values into various units. Worldwide, a variety of units are used for the measurement parameter pressure.
You can find out where one generally uses which units in our article “International pressure units”. Electronic pressure measuring instruments (also known as pressure sensors, process transmitters and pressure transmitters) from WIKA are available in different pressure units, such as bar, kPa, MPa, psi or kg/cm².

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